Guided tour Dolmens of Antequera

From 5€ per person

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The meeting point and start of the guided tour will be at the door of the Antequera Dólmenes Archaeological Complex.

In this guided tour of the Antequera Dolmens we will fully enter the Neolithic era, visiting the oldest witnesses of civilization in Antequera: Menga and Viera Dolmens.

During the guided tour we will make an approximation of the historical context in which these megalithic giants were built and discovered, to later enter the Campo de Túmulos.

First,we will see in the projection room how they managed to build such monuments, which are still in magnificent condition after 6,000 years.

Then we will visit Viera Dolmen, also known as the small cave, and its characteristic construction and formation.

Later we will enter the Menga Dolmen, the largest and best preserved in the world. Its size is not the only thing that makes this dolmen special, but also its orientation and other symbolic elements that we will discover during the guided tour.

The duration of the guided tour will be approximately one hour.